Spring 2023 is Here! Have You Tuned Up Your Wheels?

We’re nearing the end of March and dipping into April, this means the riding season has begun, at least in colder climates.

So now is the time to check over your wheels to really enjoy riding this time of year.

Here is your ABC Quick Check* list:

A is for AIR:

Inflate tires to the PSI on the sidewall of the tire. Use a pressure gauge. Check for cracks, holes, mold, and low air pressure. Replace if damaged.

B is for BRAKES:

Inspect pads for wear; replace is less than 1/4-inch left. Make sure they do not rub tire/spokes. Have at least 1-inch between lever and bar. Make sure they work properly, and when engaged, both sides are even. Replace and adjust as needed.


Make sure there is no gunk in the these parts. Chain should be lubed and free of debris, with no “give” in the crank. Inspect the chain for loose links, skipping, and whether the chain comes off easily. Adjust, repair, and replace as needed.


Hubs are tight in the frame. Quick Release levers should point back to avoid snagging onto something. Secure brake releases after a tire change.


Take a quick test ride. Anything that is loose or broken: tighten, fix or replace. Pay attention to odd noises.


Check the batteries on your lights and other devices.

Adjust your bell housing if it doesn’t brrrrrrng loudly or sounds muted.

Review rubber and other parts to ensure they’re still working—for things such as a cell phone holder, camera mount.

*ABC Quick Check is from the League of American Bicyclists. City Bike Coach, LLC is a proud member of LAB.

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