City Bike Coach’s free riding group, NYC Fun Cyclers, is one of the best deals in town!

Who: All riders are welcome — children, too! Responsible riders with a sense of adventure and enjoyment out of getting around town on cycling wheels –with pit stops at fun snackeries — are the best fit for this group. We ride for fun, not for race/pace!

What: Ride for Fun Saturdays/Sundays AND our Festive Fun Rides — Leaf-Peepin’ Halloween Ride, Pilgrim Pedal Thanksgiving Day Ride, Twelve Miles of Christmas, Bike Valentine, Paddy O’Pedal St. Patrick’s Day Ride, and the Easter Bike Hop (for Chocolate) Ride.

When: Our start time is usually 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays or Sundays, depending on what fun themes come up. We also ride in the mornings on the fun holidays as mentioned above.

Where: We ride most anywhere, and we  start out in boroughs/places other than Manhattan.

Why: The purpose of this group is to get together and ride the streets of NYC and beyond!

What’s the catch?: We’re glad you asked! All riders must wear properly fitted helmets and ride bikes in good working condition — tires are to the proper PSI, brakes are adjusted, and chains are lubed and not loose. A waiver will need your signature, and all riders should bring the suggested amount to cover the “Snackerie of the Ride.” This is usually no more than $20 at the most.

The Nitty-Gritty:

We generally start at 9:00 a.m. to get a jump start on foot/car traffic. We will conduct a pre-ride huddle to discuss traffic laws and the expectations for group riding.

If it is raining one hour prior to any Ride for Fun Saturdays/Sundays ride, the ride is cancelled. Festive Fun Rides are held rain, snow or shine. Festive Fun Rides are canceled only if there is lightning or ice!

CBC rides are all about fun and YUMMY snackeries. Yes, we  made that word up, but what ride is complete without a fun stop to  refuel? Most rides have a general theme and a food to complement the route. The goal is to make each calorie count with a meaningful snack and good company with each ride! Suggestions are welcome…

For each ride, please bring the following with you: water and small power bars-type snacks, snack money,  train money, ID, credit card, ATM card, emergency contact, cell phone, camera, patch kit, small multi-tool and a road air pump or cartridges. Eyewear and full-fingered gloves are a major suggestion… Oh, and  bring some tissue. Ya just never know when you’ll need ’em!

If you have no idea what a multi-tool is, we’re happy to show you  before we set out for a ride. On that note, before each ride, we’ll  gather ’round for a pre-ride huddle to discuss group riding in traffic  and what to do in certain situations.

If you do not already have one and your bike has room or an attachment for a water bottle cage, we recommend you spend the $5-ish —plus a tip— to have one installed!

CBC coaches love to ride and teach so if you ever want to ask  questions or work on a particular skill during a ride, please let us  know.

In NYC, all bikes must have a working bell, a front white light, a rear red light, at least one working brake, and a seat (!). Additionally, your tires must have reflectors on the spokes. Even if you think you will only ever ride during the day, please consider purchasing these items since you just never know if you’ll want to stay longer at a friend’s party or at an event that runs longer than expected.

Consider spending $5 and obtaining a Metro-North/LIRR bike permit by visiting Grand Central Terminal. The bike permit has no expiration date and will enable you to take your bikes on these trains to ride outside the city if you do not have access to a car with a bike rack. Some of the NYC Fun Cyclers rides will start outside the city! Yeah, the conductor on any given train may just give you a hostile look if you don’t buy one, but why chance it?

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