Partnership with WOOM USA Bikes

(NEW YORK) — City Bike Coach will now use WOOM USE Bikes exclusively going forward to teach children of all ages how to ride a bike.

“I’m really excited to use WOOM Bikes to teach kids how to ride a bicycle in our private sessions,” CBC education manager and owner, Lee Uehara said. “Not only are they German-engineered, but they’re light-weight and have the perfect controls that American bikes don’t generally offer. Oh, and the colors are really fun and eye-catching!”

Woom bicycles are 40% lighter than regular children’s bikes and can accommodate riders as young as 1.5 years of age. And, parents can save 40% when trading up to the next size. WOOM USA is based in Austin, Texas, and offers children’s bicycles in six sizes. For more information, please visit

A Quick Note from CBC: It’s proven that children who learn to ride on lighter bikes learn faster! And, City Bike Coach now has an entire fleet of WOOM bicycles to meet the age range of all children.

1. Schedule your appointment today! (Note, CBC offers fewer appointments in July and August.)
2. If you’d like City Bike Coach to present its WOOM bike fleet at your next event, call the office for details.

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