How to Ride a Century (100 miles)

You can ride 100 miles, too! (You know, if you want…)



So riding non-stop from New York City to Philadelphia, 100 miles, takes ALL day. LOL.

“But how do I ride 100 miles non-stop?,” you ask.

I’ll tell you how: One. Revolution. At. A. Time.


That’s the main answer!

And for all the other answers to those questions you must be thinking about, I’m working on a video to explain it all to you.

So I’ll leave you with just a couple of questions to get your wheels turning:

  1. Is this something you really want to do?
  2. If so, what fun destination is about 100 miles away from your house?
  3. How will you return?

So once you have the answers to those questions, set a date!

Then, consider these things:
– How will you strengthen your quads, calves, and triceps?
– How will you break-in your hands to keep from blistering?
– How will you break-in your groin and butt to keep from getting saddle sore?
– How will you prevent blisters on your feet and ankles?
– How/When will you go for a dry run? How far do you need to go?
– How will you keep your smartphone charged so you can use it continuously?
– How will you document your ride?
– What energy supplies will you use?
– How much water and electrolytes will you need?
– What do you need if nature calls somewhere without a bathroom?
– How will you repair your tires if they get flats?
– How will you plan out your route?
– How will you prepare for the elements? Are you comfortable riding in the rain?
– Will you take a first-aid kit?
– Will you ride alone, with someone else, or in a group?
– What considerations do you need to keep in mind based on who will accompany you?

While I’ll have those answers for you shortly, know this: You. Can. Do. This. Really.

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