City Bike Coach, LLC is a Manhattan-based organization created by a dedicated and experienced cycling enthusiast and employing the area’s most knowledgeable instructors.

It was founded informally in 2007 when Coach Lee, a League of American Bicyclists-certified bicycle instructor (LCI), was asked to give a private riding lesson. She was encouraged by the folks at the League of American Bicyclists (Bike League or LAB) and Bike New York to open the doors officially in 2010. Since then, riders from all walks of life have registered for bicycle rider education with CBC - at all levels.

Learning and riding with CBC is one of the best investments you’ll ever make because our content is equal to no other riding school. Not only are all CBC coaches fun and LCIs, but most have education or teaching degrees and true classroom experience! Some are working toward their USA Cycling coaching certification, too. Furthermore, CBC coaches have extensive riding and teaching experience – from around the globe! Moreover, the course content taught at CBC is comprised of the Bike League’s outstanding curricula as well as pedagogical theory — and trials-and-errors knowledge gained through years of real experience on the road.

Coach Lee was a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor for many years – in several states. Her insight gained from more than 20 years of riding motorcycles – and teaching motorcycling – gives CBC students invaluable riding knowledge. For example, once you sign up for any CBC class you will walk away with the best-ever secret to eliminating the worst case of helmet hair possible! Seriously, though, Coach Lee’s insights into teaching rider education have been used in curricula taught at other organizations. The coaches at CBC believe that rider education – on two wheels of any kind – is vital to longevity on the road!

CBC’s home base is located in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. However, CBC coaches happily travel to offer quality instruction to individuals and companies everywhere.

To date, the age span of our Learn to Ride graduates is two years to 74 ¾ years! So, if they are now rolling on two wheels, you can, too! Life is precious and short, so wait no longer to get started cycling and riding better than ever!