The One Thing Cycling Parents Should Consider Doing

Child riding in high-visibility vest.

There is one thing parents who ride with their children should consider doing: creating high visibility. Well, anyone really…

High visibility means to wear bright day-glo colors to make sure that other cyclists, pedestrians and drivers can see their little ones. So, perhaps a hi-viz yellow helmet cover, or a hi-viz safety vest from Ikea.

Why is that important, you ask.

Well, if others see smaller riders coming, they can be more informed about their next movements. For example, if I see a six-year-old a block or quarter-of-a-mile away, and I see he’s not able to fully ride in a straight line – totally age-appropriate by the way – then I know to slow down, allow more space and distance or just stop until he’s passed me.

There are simple ways to be highly visible: you can order a brightly colored helmet cover, riding jersey or jacket.

So please take this suggestion into consideration before your next ride.

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