Spring 2018 is Taking For. Ever. and What to Do in the Meantime!

Who else is tired of the back-and-forth of this year’s weather pattern here in the Northeast?

I know I am.

Well. Maybe just a little bit.

I say this because it’s nice to have brisk temperatures to decrease the sweat factor – who’s with me? But riding in the snow? Not so much.

Anyway, while we’re all waiting for some decent riding weather to come and stay, make sure your bicycle is ready to go!

Bike Prep Made Easy
1. So, while the weather is gettin’ it together, go ahead and get your eco-friendly spray cleaner and chain oil to get your bike prepped for the upcoming warmer temps we’re expecting shortly!

2. Make sure your brakes are working properly and that they’re not too worn out.

3. Then check your tires’ air pressure and fill according to the recommended PSI.

4. And check your bicycle chain’s lubrication level. If it’s bone dry – poor baby – then give it some fresh chain oil/lube. But before you add the fresh, give the chain a quick wipe or two with some cleaner to remove whatever grime there may be from last season (!). Hey, we’ve all been there.

5. Then, check the batteries in your front AND rear bike lights!

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