Strollers: Fix-a-Flat & Basic Maintenance

  • Have limited time for your running workout?
  • Out and about a lot with a loaded stroller?
  • Want to be self-sufficient on the road?
  • Wish you could use your air-filled-tire stroller but are worried about getting a flat?
  • Know all about proper inflation leading to less exertion on your part?
  • Need a unique baby shower or party activity for your guests?

Air-filled tires provide the smoothest ride — even for strollers! The problem is, what do you do if you get a flat tire and you’ve never fixed one before? Do you even have the tools to do so? If taking your stroller tire to the shop seems like an inconvenient errand to add to your To-Do list, this class is definitely for you and your family.

CBC teaches you this lifetime skill which will last you well until after your last child is born! When you sign up for a private Stroller Fix-A-Flat class with us, you will not only be guided step-by-step through the repair and replacement process on your own stroller, you will also learn about and see the essential tools to have on hand at all times. You’ll wonder why you didn’t take this class sooner!

Course Fee: $150. Participants must have a stroller in good working order. A non-refundable, transferable deposit of $50 is required before the session. Travel fees may apply.