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Join Us!
Join Us!

(However, if you would like to do this fun ride –  on most any other day – please give us a call at (917) 536-6120 to reserve your private tour today!)

*****If you wish to ride around town on Thanksgiving Day, please use our preferred bike rental company, Use the special promo code “FANCY25” for a great discount! Fancy Apple is located on 7th Avenue between West 55th and West 56th streets in Manhattan. Just tell ’em City Bike Coach sent you!

Start/End Point: —-
Destination: Brooklyn Pancake Diner via Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn
Mileage: 10-12 miles one-way, 20-24 miles round-trip
Terrain: Fairly easy with low-traffic local streets and bike lanes.
*Pace: Family Ride Speed. This means that we will ride at a leisurely pace — unless it’s really cold!

Get your Gobble Gobble costume and set your DVR to record the parade and ride with us so you can eat more later! This ten- to 12-mile FAMILY bicycle ride starts and ends in Manhattan but goes through Brooklyn and Queens!

This fun tour with Tom Pedro (yes, we named our turkey) is for everyone and includes prizes for the best costume and best-themed bike. “Costumes” can be anything simple that’s related to Thanksgiving. You don’t have to don a full-on, zip-up costume — although that would be fun! Just make sure that whatever you choose can be worn safely while riding.

One of the best features of this tour is the sit-down social during the breakfast stop for coffee and pancakes — or eggs — at our favorite Brooklyn diner midway through this casual ride. And, riders can order a coffee mug proving they rolled out on Turkey Day!*

Since the Pilgrim Pedal ends before the football game at 12:30 p.m., there is no reason to miss out on this very special tour.

Cost: —-

Bring a lock — and the right key! As usual, riders must wear properly fitted helmets and agree to ride bicycles in good working condition. There are no refunds or rain dates, and participants must sign a waiver.

**Solo-riding children ages 10 and up are best suited for this ride as this ride will be on streets, and all other children must be helmeted and accompanied by a helmeted parent or guardian. **

For Parents: We ride on the streets and follow all traffic laws.  And, we do our best to ride on greenways and low-traffic streets with bike lanes. Of course children who are passengers are welcome. Please note that each person — child or adult — will need to be fully registered for this ride.

**Children under 1 year are not eligible, and all other children must be helmeted and accompanied by a helmeted parent or guardian.**

***Solo riding children ages 10 years and up are best suited for this ride as we’ll be on streets.***

For more information: (917) 536-6120,

Q: I wanna go but I don’t have a bike. What do I do?
A: We’re excited to announce that will rent all riders a bike if needed! Make sure to ask for the lock and key because you will need it! *You will need a bike lock and key.* See above for Fancy Apple’s contact info.

Q: What about helmets?
A: If you don’t want to wear the rental helmet, consider packing one in your luggage — it’s easy if you load it up with underwear and socks — or consider buying one the day before and shipping it home later. (You just might need to replace your regular one anyway…) All riders and passengers must wear a properly fitted helmet.

Q. Can I pay for just the ride because of my wacky diet?
A: Nope. There are no changes or accommodations for any registrant. This is a ride for PANCAKES* at a diner. You can, however, bring your own snack.
(*If there are enough folks who want gluten-free pancakes, we may be able to get the owner to whip up some. However, we cannot guarantee that it will happen, and we certainly cannot guarantee that if it happens, it will be celiac-friendly. Please do send us an e-mail with your GF pancake request.)

Q. What about parking? Is it free?
A: Yes, there is parking. *No, it is not free. It is an additional cost.* The parking lot is next to the gas station, which is right next to the starting point! Parking fees are separate and are not included in the entry fee.